Director’s Message

Dear Students,

Within a Context of rapid technological change and shifting market conditions. The Educational system is challenged with providing increased educational opportunities, so answer this challenge, “Global Edutech” has launched study centers to provides various course from basic to job oriented professional courses without exception effective educational programs being with careful planning and a focused understanding of course requirements and student needs, Appropriate technology can only be selected once there elements are understood in detail. “Global Edutech” mission to literate the people in computer/Vocational Education requires thousands of people, Our Hon. Prime Minister’s Digital India Mission can not be fulfilled without the participation of the people.

We would like to congratulate the student for “Global Edutech” and we are sure that we will be able to fulfil the aspiration of the Students.

Our Mission to Deliver latest technology through advance courses to the rural and urban people at an economic fee yet not compromising with the quality of delivery.

I expect students, faculty member, educationalist and all those who are directly or indirectly associated with education to come forward and join the Mission “Education for all, Education every where and also education to serve society.”

With Best Wishes.

Director (Global Edutech)